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  1. DJ was very honest to questions posed and basically implied he just did what he did from a young age. I suspect he hasn't given a single thought about the 'biomechanics' of his swing. Just swing the club where it needs to be to fit your intent with no strain.

  2. This is one video "we" (the avg Joe) probably shouldn't watch. The sound of the strike is ridiculous!

    The thing that I found most interesting is when DJ says he almost never finds the "center" of the clubface. In other words, he's slightly off-center (maybe an 1/8"), every time. That means driver face technology is important to Dustin. It actually makes a difference.

    Most golfers miss the center by 1/2 an inch, at best! If we just slowed down and improved our balance through impact, I think golf would be a helluva lot more fun. If you miss the center by a 1/2" or more, no club can help you no matter the "technology".
    These old geezers on the local course using the latest $500 drivers are total jackasses.

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