Disc Golf Academy – Off Season Training (ENDURANCE)

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  1. Foam rolling should be done properly too, there are different styles(or methods) on rolling and they have different effects.
    For exaple, if warming with roll, never roll over 10sec for one muscle and roll only surfacefascia, never go to myofascia.
    These can upgrade or downgrade your training.

  2. Congrats Eagle!  Your 1st NT win.  Training expert, Dave Scott says NOT to roll your IT band.  When you get back to Boulder, see if you can look him up and find out why.  He's a phenomenal instructor & motivator.  Maybe next year you & Simon can train in Boulder with the 6-time Ironman World Champion.  (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run on the brutal Kona coast).  He was also a total vegan throughout his Ironman career.  P.S. Work on your Oasis lyrics.  Maybe you & Simon can busk your way through the 2018 tour.  Keep on dreamin', live forever.

  3. good to see some disc golfers taking training seriously but I feel as if the majority of disc golfers could use speed training more than endurance training…unless you're woefully out of shape, disc golf doesn't require a high level of endurance. Get a barbell in these fellas hands.

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