Control Your Shot ANYWHERE on the Golf Course

Control Your Shot ANYWHERE on the Golf Course


In the sport of golf, there are several obstacles on a given course, known as hazards.

Golf hazards can be man made like bunkers (commonly referred to as sand traps) or natural obstacles which include lakes and rivers which most often need to be shot over by the player.

George Gankas golf techniques prepare players for any situation which may present itself on the golf course, through the application of the GG Swing Method.

The GG Swing Method, comprised of several detailed George Gankas golf lessons, seeks to amplify the strengths of the player while correcting their weaknesses or shortcomings.

Gankas, a vocal advocate for developing all components of a player’s golf strategy, offers several solutions for the handful of obstacles and hazards a player encounters during the typical round of golf.

While both bunkers and water hazards can pose difficulty for any player, combating these course conditions provides an opportunity to expand our own abilities, building up an arsenal of precision point golf shots that can tackle any situation we’re faced with.

Even the most seasoned golfer can find hitting their ball over a water hazard to be a bit intimidating.

Just because a player has several years of experience to their credit, shooting over a golf hazard can still be difficult in the right situation (or wrong situation, rather.)

Often when hitting our ball over a water hazard, our minds have the tendency to overthink our golf swing, especially when it comes to the impact position.

When anxious thoughts enter our mind, our mental golf plan can be derailed very quickly.

This anxiety usually leads to a diminishing ability to distinguish the best way to play our shot, leading to missed shots and tons of frustration for the player.

One of the best ways to overcome overthinking a player on water hazard conditions exists in a player’s ability to see the shot before it happens.

Known as visualization in many circles, seeing how our shot will play out before it actually happens will put our overthinking at ease and let a positive attitude prevail over the anxieties associated with water hazards.

Through visualizing our shot, the brain begins to prepare our muscle groups to operate correctly in our swing, leading to a great shot that clears the water hazard with ease.

Often overlooked by some golfers, our mental golf game has an incredible influence over our on course performance, evident in many of the meltdowns witnessed throughout history on pro tours.

The single most hated part of any golf course, the sandtrap or bunker has been a source of frustration for every skill level of golfer, most often claiming players when they least expect it.

Because most players obviously end up in the bunker by accident, being able to execute a clean and easy utility shot at will can make or break a golfer who finds himself in this otherwise difficult situation.

If you do find yourself in a bunker without this utility shot, keeping a positive attitude can be your best bet to get out of the sand with your dignity and sanity intact.

As we discussed with water hazards, visualization and mental golf play a huge role in the success or failure of players who find themselves working out of a bunker.

Most individuals who lose their cool at the mere sight of their golf ball landing in the sand will be in for a difficult shot, often missing the green entirely by going fat on their shot.

Rather than trying to smash the ball out of the sand, focus your efforts on executing a short backswing, about 50% of what you would swing in typical short game play.

Ensure that your upper body rotates effectively through the swing, imitating the same motion found in pitches taken from the green.

This shot, coupled with a positive attitude, will make your stay in the sandpit very short lived.


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