Deep Distance Driver Golf Swing | Steep Downswing Fix

Deep Distance Driver Golf Swing | Steep Downswing Fix


Golfers with a high handicap typically share at least one thing in common, driving the ball steep during their downswing.

As players struggle with their angle of attack during their driver shots, a steep shaft often prevents their downswing from making a solid connection with the ball, leading to pulled or missed shots as a result.

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In order to correct a steep downswing, golfers must first familiarize themselves with their angle of attack.

Describing the angle by which our golf club approaches the ball, our angle of attack can either be upward, level or downward.

In regards to players suffering from steep downswings during drives, they are most likely striking the ball at a downward angle of attack, which generates several problems in their drive.

For example, downward angles of attack cause misguided flight paths for the ball, which leads to missed shots, diminished distance when striking with a driver and a complete fiasco for players trying to strike with irons.

While this lesson focuses heavily on using a driver, golfers will be able to apply George’s tips to their irons game as well.

Having the ability to strike a golf ball at either upward, level or downward angles of attack, players must be conscience of how our driver shots react to such angles and which work best for their intended target.

Many novice or casual players who haven’t gotten out on the golf course very often are usually not concerned with the angle of attack in their golf swing.

While their technique may be flawed, most players in this category are simply utilizing the sport as a social event rather than looking to improve their overall ability as a golfer.

If you’re a serious player looking to hone your skills, angle of attack has to be on your radar as one of the many mechanisms you must refine in your game.

Understanding and leveraging the correct angle of attack in your downswing during key moments on the golf course will help players achieve lower scores and more enjoyable outings on a consistent basis.

If you’re golfing several times per month and have not addressed any of the underlying issues found in your angle of attack, golf may become a very frustrating ordeal and cause some players to give up the sport before ever developing into an exceptional golfer.

Being either too shallow or too steep will cause the player to produce horrible shots and lead to a loss in confidence.

While certain clubs are designed to be hit at a downward angle of attack, like irons, others must be hit at an upward angle attack, as our driver shots should be.

We strike our driver shots at an upward angle of attack simply because doing so provides ascending contact with the ball, which will greatly expand distance and speed in our drives.

Gankas finds that one of the leading issues his students have with driver shots, specifically their downswing, can be traced back to a poor angle of attack.

Once corrected, our angle of attack will provide increased power behind our drives, which will then add distance and speed to the overall trajectory of your shots, and help the player develop their overall ability in relation to the game.


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