Balancing Golf Swing Tempo | Feels Aren’t Reals

Balancing Golf Swing Tempo | Feels Aren't Reals


At the core of every golf swing, a rhythm exists which most players refer to as their tempo.

As you might imagine, the speed of a golf swing tempo varies from player to player, so there cannot be a one size fits all option when solidifying your own rhythm.

This means that each player must craft out a golf swing rhythm that easily aligns with their existing swing pattern, creating the ideal tempo for their swing, though it may work horribly for the swing of any other golfer in the world.

Just as tempo focuses on individualized strengths and weaknesses in a golfer, these too are the core focuses of George Gankas golf lessons, known collectively as the GG Swing Method.

With remote students practicing George Gankas golf drills around the globe via the popular GG Swing Tips Golf YouTube Channel, players who have never met Gankas in person continue to credit the instructor with improving their game drastically.

Gankas utilizes technology and expertise while assisting students with establishing their own unique golf swing tempo.

Balancing this tempo between our backswing to downswing transition proves to be one of the areas that pose the most trouble for students working on these golf swing techniques.

Equally important to keep in mind, each club type used on the course will also have a variance in tempo, depending on weight and length.

Simply put, the swing tempo of your driver will vary from that of a wedge or a putter, so working on your swing rhythm will have to be adapted for each club you regularly utilize on the golf course.

If your golf swing were a building, think of your tempo as the support beams that keep the structure safe and sound.

Golfers that suffer from poor swing tempo in most cases are hitting shots with a high inconsistency, much to their own personal frustration.

Anyone who has experience working on the rhythm of their golf swing will point out the crucially important role that tempo plays in the backswing to downswing transition in any player’s swing.

Oftentimes players will rush their swing tempo, causing an imbalance in their body rotation that throws their entire shot off course, causing many pulls and slices along the way.

Golfers who have refined their swing tempo will experience shots that harness all of the energy present in the player, maintain a square clubface and send the ball sailing on target as intended.

When establishing a balanced swing tempo, players can effectively proceed to the impact position with a square clubface in tow.

Golfers that may otherwise suffer from an imbalance in their golf swing can often get off consistent, on target shots simply by timing the rhythm in their swing well enough to deliver the clubface square at impact.

Properly sequencing the movements in the typical golf swing through balanced tempo will also allow your muscle groups to ease up as the body rotates as a single unit, balanced by the rhythm found through your swing tempo.

Often novice players have a mind that has become flooded with pessimistic thoughts concerning the failure of the shot at hand.

Replacing these toxic thoughts with a mental focus on swing tempo will not only remove these negative mental images of failure but also get the player focusing on something positive that will actually improve their golf swing rather than diminish it.

Think of your golf swing tempo as a positive mental distraction while golfing, as it will keep your mind busy enough to refrain from thinking of everything under the sun that can go wrong on a golf course.


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