Building Backswing Speed | Shoulder Rotation Fix

Building Backswing Speed | Shoulder Rotation Fix


The promise of adding speed and distance to their game will make any golfer pay attention immediately.

Often times expecting a secret technique or quick fix, many players fail to realize that the hidden ingredient to more speed in their backswing rests on their shoulders, literally.

Analysts have conducted studies that clearly illustrate more shoulder turn in tour caliber golfers when studied against the shoulder rotation found in high-handicap players.

Understanding that a player needs more shoulder rotation in their backswing will not add speed or distance to your game, as such adjustments must be made with precision.

George Gankas golf drills have captured the minds of the online golfing community, leading to the production of the GG Swing Method.

The GG Swing Method, comprised of focused and refined George Gankas golf lessons, aims to build on the natural abilities of a golfer while mending any miscalculated motion existing in their technique.

Unfortunately, many players who struggle with their backswing fail to make the proper adjustments that will open up their swing to more yards and speed.

More often than not, golfers with a poor backswing will restrict movement in their shoulders and hips, making the connection that doing so will somehow procure more energy and speed in the long run.

These adjustments are reducing the overall agility in the golf swing, preventing the needed motion in our backswing that would create a large enough shoulder turn to achieve the player’s desired results.

Through properly assessing the motion in our backswing, players can then make the appropriate adjustments to their shoulder, hip and wrist rotation to make the most of their golf swing.

Despite being located in the lower body and upper body, a strong correlation exists between the movement found in hip rotation and the motion found in a golfer’s shoulder turn.

Awareness of this correlation can be half the battle for golfers that often disassociate their hip and shoulder rotation from each other, ultimately causing an adverse effect on the distance and speed they achieve on the golf course.

Working to make the movement in our hips compliment our shoulder turn will immediately improve the results of your golf swing, and most likely add a substantial amount of yards to your routine drive.

Essentially, the further you rotate your hips the less complicated it becomes to create a bigger shoulder turn during your backswing.

But, players must also be mindful that what they consider to be good shoulder turn may not in fact not be shoulder turn at all.

Sometimes confusing, phrasing this movement as shoulder turn often causes novice players to create motion that could be described as shoulder turn, without adding anything to their golf swing.

Many trainers fail to describe the essential components at work while teaching shoulder turn in the backswing, which will leave many students in the dark regarding what areas of their body need to be focused on during this crucial point in their golf swing.

Proper shoulder turn ensures that the back of the player points at the target, with the entire upper body angled at 90 degrees.

Such a movement will establish enough separation in the hips and shoulders, allowing the player to extend their core muscle groups, creating the perfect posture to produce an amazing backswing transition, setting up the downswing to send the ball flying.

This technique can be easily applied to your existing golf swing setup without sacrificing the balance in your shoulders or reducing the energy transferred into the golf club upon final impact.


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