Straight Shot Driver Drills | GG Golf VLOGS

Straight Shot Driver Drills | GG Golf VLOGS


Every novice golfer that ends up at the driving range has big dreams of ripping the ball deep down course, as close to the hole as possible.

For players that have little knowledge of producing a proper golf swing, this often involves aggressively swung clubs, with little to no consistency involved in their body motion during the drive.

George Gankas golf VLOGS, known collectively as the GG Swing Method, continue to help players develop their golf swing consistency, especially with respect to their drivers.

Credited with assisting players wherever golf courses exist in the world, George Gankas golf VLOGS refine the existing skills in a player while aiming to correct any flaws that may prohibit further development in a player’s golf game.

Golfers are very focused on developing their driving ability simply because improving this area of your overall golf game typically will instantaneously improve other crucial elements as a result.

As one could imagine, possessing the ability to rip your shots deep and straight down the fairway will result in closer shots on the green, providing an obvious edge over other golfers and having an amazing effect on your handicap.

Every player to ever tee up does so with full intentions of hitting their golf ball deep and straight down the fairway, but not every player will dedicate the time, energy and effort to developing a consistent driver golf swing that can produce these results without falter.

One of the chief elements all golfers must master before hitting their drivers consistently straight involves their golf swing alignment.

Alignment in our driving pertains to where we are aiming our club prior to impact.

Even prior to our initial address of the ball, players are encouraged to shape the shot using mental golf strategies that involve visualization of where they must align their golf swing in relation to where they wish for the shot to land down course.

Many beginners will benefit from the utilization of alignment rods during the beginning phases of their driver shot training, as having a visual guide to base your swing around provides added assistance to players who are still familiarizing themselves to the elements that create a consistent golf swing.

While setting up your golf swing, stance plays a huge factor in the overall success of the shot, sometimes more so than the other elements at work during the typical driver shot.

Maintaining a distance between your feet just slightly further apart than your shoulder width will establish a solid foundation to hit consistent driver shots.

Keeping most elements in your lower body ( legs and knees) and your shoulders in line toward your clubface will increase the accuracy of your aiming, which promotes straighter drives in the process.

Aligning the placement of the golf ball to the location of your lead foot’s inside heel while tilting your lead shoulder slightly lower than your trail shoulder prepares your golf swing for success.

With your head positioned to the rear of the golf ball, your body will then naturally motion through the swinging process and produce a straight, deep driver shot that gets you in great position beyond the fairway towards the green.

While working on your driving, players are encouraged to swing with the same amount of force and velocity that they would with a smaller iron golf club.

Players often have the misconception that because they are driving the ball down the fairway, it works in their best interest to hit the ball harder and faster, despite the opposite being true for all golfers.


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