Using Alignment Rods | Golf Tips For Beginners

Using Alignment Rods  | Golf Tips For Beginners


Beginners seeking to educate themselves in the fundamental aspects of golf need not look any further than alignment.

Having proper alignment during your golf swing ensures that your best efforts are put in motion correctly, saving hours of frustrations in the process.

Despite being such a novel idea, many players who are just starting out in their golf training are focusing on speed and power rather than the accuracy of their alignment.

The countless hours that players are willing to dedicate towards breaking down the components of their swing ( downswing, backswing, impact, takeaway ) dwarf the amount of time that most dedicate to their aiming system during shots.

George Gankas golf lessons have an intense emphasis on accuracy, as well as training students properly through the GG Swing Method.

Viewers from around the world are often first introduced to alignment rods while watching a George Gankas golf video on YouTube or the GG Swing Tips Golf online academy.

Gankas, credited with jumpstarting countless golfers from around the world, includes the use of alignment rods in the vast majority of his lessons.

Not only are these great instruments to illustrate motion in the golf swing, they assist novice golfers who are in many cases starting at square one in regards to their understanding of the sport.

Pertaining to the direction of a golfer’s feet and club at address, having the correct alignment during your golf swing refers to an aim symmetrical to the target line that the golfer wishes their shot to travel upon.

Players taking their shots with misaligned aim will encounter a target line that veers either right or left to their desired flight path, causing missed shots along the way.

While some novice players may assume that the target line automatically means aiming their shot at the location of the hole or the middle of the entire fairway, most accomplished golfers seldom make the final target their first target.

Seeking to utilize airborne movement to get the ball down course, players adjust their target line in order to leverage course conditions situationally.

There are also several situations in play where golfers will purposely aim to the side of their intended targets during the set up of their golf swing.

Avoiding hazardous conditions on the golf course often makes players alter their alignment.

Making the effort to direct your ball a few yards beyond hazardous conditions on the golf course allows for more compensation in your golf swing, without adding any extra strokes to your scorecard in the process.

Another hazard on the golf course that influences your alignment happens when dealing with heavy winds during play.

Estimating how you should align your shot due to heavy winds can be rather hard for novice players, but once you’ve golfed more rounds, you’ll be able to gauge your alignment easier.

When drawing or fading your shot, players must aim on a target line that favors either left or right side movement in the airborne flight path, which comes way of positioning your alignment correctly at address to do so.

While alignment rods are simply sticks that golfers use in order to visualize the alignment of their body and clubface during setup, these swing aids are invaluable to those who utilize them correctly.

Though you’ll have to leave your alignment rods at home during actual on course play, utilizing these visual aids during your training will assist in developing a natural ability to align your shots properly for any given situation.

The best way to make the most out of alignment rods during training involves placing the two rods parallel to each other, allowing the player to properly align their swing in the process.


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