Improved Downswing Starting Sequence – Golf Lesson

Improved Downswing Starting Sequence - Golf Lesson


Questions regarding how to start the downswing transition ranks as one of the most common things golf instructors hear from casual golfers.

While a casual player may not be interested in training to be a tour pro, they’re still looking to reach a level of performance that removes frustration and embarrassment from their outings, which does plague many golfers who are just starting out in the sport.

The best way to start a downswing varies greatly depending on which type of shot a golfer wishes to produce, but there are elements of every successful golf swing that are consistent in any shot a player would wish to achieve.

The art of the downswing, exemplified in several George Gankas golf VLOGs, pose tremendous benefits to players that are able to consistently perform the techniques taught through the GG Swing Method.

Unlike many other training programs, George Ganaks golf lessons focus on enhancing the natural gifts a player possesses while working through the GG Swing Method to correct any flawed motion in the swing and develop beneficial techniques that promote consistent results on the course.

Learning how to produce a predictable and efficient downswing sequence will take a casual golfer to the next level immediately.

There are several efficient ways to start your downswing transition, many of which will work great for some players but not all.

When training to improve your golf swing, experimentation with a variety of drills and lessons will help to determine what methods work best for your game.

Luckily, as shown in Gankas’ video lesson, working on our golf swing presents a host of options for golfers that can be adapted to their specific playing style.

Casual golfers and novices may be stumped when it comes to developing their downswing, with thousands of videos available online detailing ways to improve the technique.

Some players find that utilizing side motion in their trail knee helps to balance the timing in their upper body during their downswing transition.

Rather than hurrying through the process, the subtle movement in the trail knee will promote an in to out swinging path, which will reduce slices and missed shots in the process.

This technique works best with taller golfers who have increased reach, developing a balanced tempo throughout their downswing sequence.

Setting up your downswing sequence with targeted hip movement helps to decrease diminished power, imbalanced swings, and fat shots from being produced.

Players simply must rapidly loosen their hips, which will create the feeling of their trail side moving into their trail heel.

With your swing’s momentum and power moving downward, the trail foot absorbs much of the force moving through the downswing.

Players that are plagued with disastrous shots, including pulls, pop ups and slices, drastically benefit from optimizing their upper body movement during the downswing transition.

Golfers have found the remedy to reduce the instances of these missed shots can be achieved through training their lead shoulder to not thrust towards the golf ball.

In order to control their lead shoulder, players lower their arms down ahead of their chest, which increases the velocity of their swing and follows an in to out swing path.

While many golfers look to build speed during their backswing, they are better suited to save these efforts for the downswing sequence.

Players must see the backswing sequence as a means to transport their golf club to impact, rather than being the engine behind the power and speed of their golf swing.

Experiment with the techniques described above and you will drastically improve your ability to deliver a forceful shot, free of the flaws that plague most casual golfers and their swings.


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