Irons Vs Driver Speed | Golf Swing Tips

Irons Vs Driver Speed | Golf Swing Tips


Players can most accurately measure their swing speed by calculating the velocity in their clubhead during impact.

Varying from club to club, swing speed cannot be executed identically due to the variance in club length and weight.

Many players speed up their swing speed hoping to achieve farther distances as a result.

Though in theory this would add distance to your shot, often times increasing the club speed does more damage to the player’s overall performance, causing an imbalance in posture or tempo in the process.

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Many players who speed up their golf swings are doing so without any prior development in the individual components (backswing, downswing, impact, follow through) that create a proper swing sequence.

This results in a rushed, imbalanced golf swing that creates slices, often comes over the top and ultimately adds more frustration to the player’s outing, inspiring many potentially gifted golfers to quit before developing their abilities on the golf course.

As many fans of professional golf may have noticed, tour players have a tendency to swing their club faster than amateurs and casual golfers do.

With the average speed for men on pro tours being 112 miles per hour on drivers and 94 miles per hour on a 5 iron, many casual players are rushing their swings to match these speeds without having fully developed their golf fundamentals before hand.

Many retailers and golf shops are equipped to measure the swing speed of any golfer, something that every serious player should understand when purchasing a set or individual golf clubs.

When evaluating the shaft flex of any golf clubs you intend to purchase, this number utilizes your swing speed as the main deciding factor.

Representing the amount of force needed for the club shaft to transmit energy at impact during your swing, shaft flex continues to be a huge factor when purchasing golf clubs for any player.

There are a variety of different shaft flexes available on clubs, each of which are for specific swing speeds.

Players that purchase a club with the incorrect shaft flex can bet on increasing the amount of hooks, slices and over the top shots they’re hitting on a regular basis, regardless of how well they set up their golf swings.

Choosing the materials that make up your shaft and clubhead are especially important when picking out irons.

If players are slow swinging, they will benefit from a shaft made of graphite versus players who swing faster benefiting from a steel shaft on their irons.

Most modern drivers that are commercially available to players are equipped with shafts made from graphite, which are then selected based on a swing speed evaluation from a qualified coach or retailer.

Golfers are always encouraged to test the golf clubs they intend to purchase before doing so.

Anything about the club that causes discomfort when testing should be communicated to a golf pro at the shop, which may result in changing brands, materials, clubhead variations or choosing a club with a different shaft flex.

Players who are purchasing a set or single clubs for the first time are also encouraged to do so with a friend or coach that has an understanding of how to do so, in order to avoid being sold equipment that they later have zero use for once they step onto the driving range or golf course.


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