Backswing Posture Stabilization | Golf Lesson

Backswing Posture Stabilization | Golf Lesson


Ranking as one of, if not the most important aspect of any backswing, maintaining balance and focus in your golf swing posture starts at address and ends with a beautifully hit shot.

Lacking proper posture creates the perfect recipe for disaster, leading to missed shots, frustration and sadly even injury to the players that are plagued with this disruptive motion in their golf swings.

Establishing solid posture during your backswing remains especially important to golfers, as doing so will provide focused power and balance during the entire swing.

Through the training found in George Gankas golf lessons, players are able to deliberately train their backswings to assume the correct swing plane at will.

Evident through the several hours of free George Gankas golf videos available here and on YouTube, students of the GG Swing Method are conscience of the direct influence that proper posture in their backswings has over where the club connects with the ball and the resulting place where their shot lands, down course.

Through studying this lesson from Gankas, players will be able to develop a consistent address and setup prior to each shot, which will allow easy visualization of their golf swing before ever gripping their golf club.

Understanding posture simply relates to the flexion and motion found in a player’s shoulders, spine, knees and hips during their golf swing.

These angles are measured during address of the ball against the way a player stands naturally, when they’re not swinging their golf club.

Many players that are plagued with huge handicaps suffer for a diminished swing posture, as excessive tilt exists in their shoulders during the entirety of their golf swing.

Having excessive shoulder tilt in your golf swing will require correction of the imbalance or further compensations to be made in the existing motion of the swing, in order to achieve the desired results post impact position.

Specific to our backswing, shoulder tilt measures the angle that our shoulders assume against the way they sit when a player assumes an upright standing position.

Most successful players have a shoulder tilt that angles thirty-six degrees to their trail side during the top of their backswing.

Players may not see these findings as crucially different to their own shoulder tilt during their backswing position, but these numbers can directly correlate to a player’s ability to make consistently solid connections with the golf ball.

Losing posture during the backswing often results in poorly struck shots, and players are encouraged to correct their backswings by turning their trail side shoulder more towards the ground, below their chin like most tour players do each weekend.

Evident in the countless hours of video golf instruction that Gankas has released free to the public, George loves to correct motion with alignment rods.

Specific to the posture in your backswing, players can correct this motion with the use of an alignment stick and their favorite club.

Attaching the alignment rod to their upper arms with elastic bands, directly across their chest, players can begin to correct their backswing posture.

Players will first need to focus on their chest rotation immediately as they begin to bring the golf club up, keeping their club out front with the proper width.

Ensuring that they’re maintaining the correct posture in their backswing, their club should come over their trail shoulder and maintain balance throughout.

Having the alignment rod flush against our arms and chest during swings will help to identify any imbalances in our backswing posture and how to swiftly correct this motion to deliver our best shots consistently in play.


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