Build Your Backswing | Wrist Angles Explained

Build Your Backswing | Wrist Angles Explained


If you’re a casual golfer, chances are you have not thought a whole lot about how your wrist hinge affects your overall swing, especially during your backswing.

But as with many aspects of an amateur’s game, there exists a strong likelihood that you’re hinging your wrists too little or too much during your backswing, which causes a host of issues for players.

As taught through the George Gankas golf lesson library and the GG Swing Method, wrist hinge provides distinct benefits to golfers who are able to apply the technique correctly to their swing.

Working through the drills found in this George Gankas golf video, you’ll be able to begin your swing on the correct plane immediately through proper wrist angles applied during the backswing transition.

Once a golfer can apply properly set the hinge in their wrists during swings, it will be much easier to develop additional crucial elements of their overall game.

Though many players that review this content may be novice golfers, the importance of observing and addressing any malfunction in your wrist rotation cannot be over emphasized enough by golf instructors.

Golfers often argue about how much wrist hinge should be present during the perfect backswing.

Even with countless opinions on the matter, there cannot be an absolute answer on the subject as the amount of hinge depends on several physical factors pertaining to each individual golfer.

For example, a golfer with shorter thumbs will have a different degree of wrist hinge than that found in a golfer with longer thumbs, and this variance only reflects one of many that must be considered and evaluated by players when developing their perfect golf swing.

One very organic way to determine if you’re adding the correct amount of hinge to your wrist can be executed by evaluating the heaviness of the club head during your backswing, which will then force the proper amount of hinge to be applied, in order to support the golf club during the remainder of the swing.

There are also a host of drills and exercises that will assist in establishing the proper amount of wrist hinge.

One such drill requires that players hold their golf club with only the minimum amount of tension, while distributing their body weight to their trail foot and then rotating their body as they would during a routine golf swing.

If held with the proper placement, expect the hinge in your wrist to happen automatically as you are turning your body through the swing.

With your golf club traveling along through to your downswing, the tension in your wrists should be drastically reduced until they begin to naturally hinge during the takeaway of the golf swing.

Because any player’s body will work to uphold the weight found in your club head, our wrists will automatically assume the correct amount of hinge while working through this specific swing drill.

This will become increasingly apparent to golfers as the rotation in their shoulders increases, failing to provide the correct amount of wrist hinge will be accompanied by their golf club weighing down the swing, creating a huge discomfort in the process.

One of the first things that a player must do in order to establish the correct amount of wrist hinge requires that their arms and hands be loose during address.

Golfers should also make sure that they’re able to redistribute their body weight to their trail leg easily without such a transition affecting any other aspect of their swing.

You’ll want to maintain a looseness in your wrists, allowing the hinge to happen in union with the natural motion found through rotating your body during the golf swing.

Keeping the tension in your wrists low, they will then be able to hinge naturally as you transition from backswing to downswing, which also will assist in establishing a great deal of lag, expanding the overall range of your shots.


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