Maximize Trajectory Control | Golf Swing Tips

Maximize Trajectory Control  | Golf Swing Tips


The idea of having complete influence over the flight path of a golf ball during any shot will likely capture the attention of any player, regardless of their skill level.

In order to begin such control, golfers must first comprehend the correlation between their ball’s flight path and the positioning of their clubface.

Because most clubs are oblique rather than straightened, swinging the club must happen on an inclining swing plane, rather than being swung on perfectly vertical or horizontal planes, as would be done with a perfectly straight golf club.

Players that have familiarized themselves with the GG Swing Method by consuming hours of George Gankas golf videos understand the fundamentals of trajectory control as it relates to their golf swings.

As George Gankas golf lessons seek to amplify the existing talents in a golfer while mending any flawed motion, players quickly begin to recognize the importance of each movement that happens between address and follow through.

While the downswing transition proves to be the most crucial point in any golf swing regarding our flight path and the positioning of our clubface, preparing the proper path during the backswing will put a player in a better position to excel during their downswing and impact positions.

Essentially, the positioning of our clubface has the most direct influence over the trajectory of our ball’s flight path.

The only other factor that could negatively impact the flight trajectory of a golf ball would be a poorly hit shot, which most likely would have resulted from poor composition elsewhere in our swing.

Described as the positioning of our clubface during impact with the ball, our face angle influences nearly 80% of the initial trajectory that the shot will take, with the swing path of the shot accounting for a quarter or less influence over the direction of the golf ball in flight.

As understood by any player who follows Gankas’ lessons, this percentage will differ slightly from player to player, but the clubface angle will always have the majority influence over trajectory in relation to the swing path of the club.

Comprehending this factor and putting it to action will immediately benefit golfers by enabling trouble areas to be worked out for the betterment of their overall golf swing.

This would mean to most players that hitting a perfectly solid shot right down the middle would be very simple, as long as the clubface angle and the golf club’s swing path are aligned towards the same target.

Unfortunately for many golfers, there are often miscalculations and flawed motions in their swing that put these positions at odds with each other, which results in a poorly composed shot.

Despite being very simple in theory, harnessing complete control over the trajectory of the golf ball proves to be possibly the hardest element a player can tackle in regards to golfing.

While this may appear to be second nature for most tour caliber players, few amateurs are able to control the trajectory of the golf ball with any consistency.

Much of the ball’s trajectory can be attributed to the amount of loft found in the clubface immediately at impact.

The positioning of the clubface angle, where the golfer has placed their hands on the club all have a level of influence over the degree of loft found during this point.

Often players who suffer from a low ball flight trajectory are encountering these issues because they’ve placed their hands ahead of their golf ball or they’re striking the golf ball closer to the bottom of their clubface, rather than the sweet spot.

Having a ball flight trajectory that goes too high often occurs when a player swings the club from a heightened angle, causing the golf ball to pop upward once struck.

This issue happens most often when using a driver.

Another cause for high ball flight trajectory happens when the player has their hands behind the ball during their downswing.VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY FOR MORE GREAT GOLF TIPS!

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