GG’s Signature Golf Techniques for Clutch Situations

GG's Signature Golf Techniques for Clutch Situations

It’s unlikely that you’re aspiring to be the newest addition to the pro tour anytime soon, but this does not mean golf should not be a fun and enjoyable experience for you in each outing.

Regardless if you’re just knocking a few balls at the driving range or are gearing up for real course play with a few colleagues, these essential golf swing techniques will impart a wealth of knowledge and skills to your game, while making the sport a whole lot more exciting.

Having worked with countless players at varying levels of skill, George Gankas golf lessons maintain the same philosophy for all golfers – expand the attributes that come naturally while working to develop skills that may be lacking when you first pick up the golf club.

Credited as assisting golfers from around the globe through the GG Swing Method, George Gankas golf videos continue to be the talk of the sport, with many of his students now stepping into the national spotlight in a major way.

While Gankas realistically understands that not every person who picks up a club has the ability or ambition to go professional, helping these amateur players better understand the game will at the very least provide them with a new favorite pastime.

There are a variety of easy to execute golf techniques that require very little experience for a novice player to add into their player vocabulary.

There are dozens of quick fix golfing techniques that pros and amateurs have imparted to each other since the sport began.

Despite being very simple for players to execute, the following golf swing tips can make a huge difference in a golfer’s score and level of enjoyment very fast.

Referred to as the ‘K’ position, this move describes the shape taken in the upper and lower portions of the trail leg.

Keeping the K position tight depends heavily on a player’s stance while executing their golf swing.

Establishing this posture requires that the player angle forward at the hips and slightly backward at their knees.

As the trail leg falls into position, players will recognize symmetry in their joints, allowing ample space to rotate their arms during the swing.

Assuming this angle immediately at address, players are able to sustain the form during their swing simply by taking practice swings in a mirror.

Focusing on the positioning of the trail legs, players will be able to readily identify if the K position has been upheld for the entire duration of their swings when utilizing a full length mirror in practice.

Golfers that are new to the sport are often plagued with hooks during their first several outings, leading many to abandon the sport entirely.

Rather than giving up on such an enjoyable game, beginners can remedy this issue sometimes by simply pointing their thumbs towards the turf during their golf swing.

As hook shots are usually produced as a result of closing your clubface prematurely, turning your thumbs down towards the ground during your swing will prevent your clubface from closing out too quickly.

Oddly enough, some players suffer from an inability to close out the clubface during their golf swing, and they benefit from a thumbs up approach.

If you’re unable to close out the clubface quickly enough, you’re likely slicing the ball more than you’re not.

By applying the opposite approach and pointing your thumbs up during your swing, it will assist in closing out your clubface and preventing anymore slices from ruining your day on the golf course.


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