News Flash! Subject: Why A New Putter Doesn’t Help For Long…

Here’s an interesting article from Jeff Richmond from ConsistentGolf.com that I thought I’d share with you. Take it away Jeff…

Click Here To Discover Why A New Putter Doesn’t Help For Long! Written by Jeff Richmond

There are two types of golfers when it comes to putting.

There are golfers that keep a putter forever, e.g. think Ben Crenshaw.

Then we have other golfers that try one new putter after another looking for some miracle cure.

Sometimes, with the second type of golfer a miracle does happen and they win a tournament with a putter they found in the bargain bin for 10 bucks.

Today I thought it would be interesting to take a look at why a golfer can be searching for a putting miracle in a new putter, and find one for a short period of time.

Ok, when you look at putting there’s 3 main components, which are…

1. Starting line
2. Distance control
3. Green reading

And all of those are intertwined to form a 4th component that is critical for great putting…


Often, when a golfer tries a new putter and starts to hole some putts their confidence increases. And with more confidence on the greens they hole even more putts. It’s a cycle of great putting that repeats… But Why?

Well, if someone is putting poorly and they pick up another putter and then start to putt better there is nothing magic about the putter. But what the new putter is doing is forcing that person to make some key changes to what they are doing, so at impact they start the ball on a better line and have better distance control.

These changes are often very short term because your mind likes familiarity.

And when the new putter mojo wears off golfers often go into what I term the…

Bad Putters Cycle Of Doom!

Fresh Start Putting

Bad putters have a few CRUCIAL putting fundamentals wrong that cause them to 3 putt too often and miss short putts, and this leads to poor confidence. Every time a short putt is missed or a 3 putt is taken, it just reinforces to that golfer they are a bad putter and the cycle repeats every time they play golf.

For bad golfers, trying a new putter or new method may offer some relief for a brief period of time. But it won’t last, because they don’t have the complete recipe needed to become a great putter.

Doing one thing different like getting a new putter is NEVER going to help a bad putter become great long term.

And it’s because of this I created a completely new and fresh putting improvement program to help bad putters become great.

At the start of 2019 I sent out an email to my best customers looking for 7 testers to put this new putting program through its paces. Now that all 7 have completed the program, the results are in. And they’re stunning. Here’s just one example…

“My buddies know me as a bad, bad putter. Any putting bets and I’m easy money! When I got an email from Jeff looking for bad putters I responded fast!! At the end of 2018 my handicap was 15. At a guess my bad putting would have cost me at least 5 shots a round. I started following Jeff’s program at the start of 2019. It was like a revelation to me. As I addded one piece after another my putting changed. My playing partners noticed the changed and started seeing me differently. I was no longer the easy money target. After a month or so on the program my regular partners started asking me how I turned my putting around. Of course I lied so they didn’t ask for the same program ha ha. At the end of Feb my handicap was down to 11. Down 4!!! The only difference was Jeff’s putting program! I’m more than overjoyed. Putting is fun now. I don’t dread it anymore. I would actually label myself a confident putter now. CAn’t believe I’m saying that. This program gave me putting a new beginning. Amazing. Anyone that has a chance to get it, DO IT NOW! Thanks so much Jeff. Your new program has brought this old man a lot of joy.”

Ted Davis, Arizona, USA (To get the same program Ted used to get these great results simply go here and get it.

Not a bad turn around by Ted, right?

And this is only 1 of the 7 testers that tried my new program. Wait till you see the rest of the results!

It’s because of results like this I decided to let anyone that wants to improve their putting get my new program called “Fresh Start Putting”.

But this program is not for good putters. If you’re a good putter then don’t get this program. This program is only for golfers that are NOT good putters.

If you miss short putts too often. If you 3 putt too often. If you don’t enjoy putting. If you consider putting the worst area of your game. If that resonates with you then this new program is for you.

Here’s To Upping Your Putting Game!

P.S. You know how embarrassing it is to miss short easy putts you should make. You know how frustrating it is to 3 putt and waste shots you can never get back. You know how sad it is to look back over your golf scores and see how many shots you wasted because of poor putting. This is your chance to turn that all around. But the special price on the new Fresh Start Putting program is finishing soon. So go here now to get the program because the quicker you do, the faster you’ll improve your putting and lower your scores… impressing your playing partners no end.

Fresh Start Putting